Shareholders of the Month

Congratulations to Jeanene Sarro for being named the Shareholder of the Month at the Stewart’s corporate office. Jeanene works in our Shop Financial Services department and has been with Stewart’s for 18 years. Her duties include reconciling credit card payments and taking calls from shops/customers regarding credit card transaction questions. She is being recognized for her work helping to convert our shops to EMV (chip card) terminals. She has also been the go to person in the department with any questions/problems during this conversion. Pictured with Jeanene is Stewart’s President Gary Dake.

We would also like to congratulate Michael Tarantino for being named the Shareholder of the Month at the Stewart’s plant. Michael has been with the company for three years and works in our Gas Marketing department. He is being recognized for his depth of knowledge, ability to bring calm to others and any situation, and he takes pride in sharing everything he learns from others with the department. He’s currently putting together a shop maintenance book as a quick reference guide that will go out to shops in 2018. Pictured with Michael is Rhonda Bouchard of the Gas Marketing department.

For being named the Shareholders of the Month, both Jeanene and Michael received $100 and will attend the Moovers Luncheon with President Gary Dake and the rest of the Moovers Club.