Sending an Important Message with Coffee

suicide prevention

Stewart’s Shops has teamed up with  Saratoga County Suicide Prevention Coalition to bring awareness to suicide prevention and services through coffee.

According to the CDC, there is one suicide death every 11 minutes. Each year, nearly 50,000 people will take their own life.

Beginning February 21st, all Saratoga County Stewart’s Shops will distribute coffee sleeves printed with the message “You Matter to Me” to bring attention to preventative services available to those who may need help.

“You Matter to Me” is a simple phrase that offers a positive affirmation and an important reminder to anyone struggling that help is available. The coffee sleeve will also have phone numbers for the Saratoga County Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Dr. Michael Prezioso, Commissioner of the Saratoga County Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services said, Suicide remains a significant concern, all the more so in consequence of the ongoing pandemic. Increasing awareness of the issue and available resources moves us forward in our efforts to expedite care for those in need.”

Gary Dake, President of Stewart’s Shops said, “We are proud to partner with Saratoga County on this important health initiative and to raise awareness on the resources available to those individuals in need.”

We will also feature Suicide Prevention events and additional information on our shop bulletin boards throughout February and March.