A Presidential Celebration

Blog Post

In honor of President’s Day today we are highlighting the 1955 Vermont State Dairy Festival.

You may be wondering why we are highlighting this event?

Well on June 22, 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower visited the Vermont State Dairy Festival. There was a barbecue in his honor. No barbecue is complete without dessert, and that’s where Stewart’s Shops came in. We provided the President and the Presidential Party with a massive 150-pound ice cream cake! The cake was huge, it represented a full day’s work for twenty cows.

The cake was a gift from the Stewart’s Shop on North Main Street in Rutland to welcome the President to the Green Mountain State. We made the ice cream for the cake right at our Ice Cream Plant. For the trip to Vermont, it was put in a refrigerated truck.

The cake was served to the President, his party, the pediatric ward at the local hospital and the Rutland Children’s Rehabilitation Center as well.

From the very beginning we have prided ourselves on serving the communities we are in and having the best dairy products that are always fresh and local. Having the opportunity to show the President what we are all about was truly an honor.

Our ice cream has always been fresh and local. Since the early days of Stewart’s Shops, we have made our ice cream in Saratoga County and continue to do so at our recently expanded Plant.

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