NYS Voted BEST State for Road Trips! Stock Up on These Road Trip Snacks at Stewart’s Shops!

road trip essentials from Stewart's

Alas, Summer is here!

Wallethub.com has named New York state the #1 state to take a road trip! With all of New York’s National Parks, beautiful lakes, cultural history, and things to do, your next adventure awaits you.

Wherever your destination may be– hiking, shopping, sightseeing, camping, swimming, even wine tasting in the Adirondacks, Catskills, or Finger Lakes, Stewart’s Shops can fuel your body AND your car.

Here’s a round up of top 10 favorites to keep you and your family fueled and ready for fun.

  1. Eggwich


We offer a variety of options including sausage, bacon or ham on a hard roll, plain bagel or everything bagel. Don’t forget a cup of coffee or a 16 oz juice to go with it!



2. Muffin/Donut/Pastry
muffins, links to specials page

There’s a variety of pastries to fancy any taste bud such as muffins or danishes. Try our 6 pack of donuts in many flavor options, such as chocolate glazed, and save $ when you purchase 2!


3. Chips and Munchies!
Stewart's Different Types of Chips

Munchies are a go to for many road trippers. Try our Honey BBQ Cheese Curls or our large variety of potato chips.  And try the all-new Jalapeno Kettle Chips, they bring just the right amount of heat!


4. Candy for that Sweet Tooth
candy options

Have you seen all of our candy options? Shop favorites include Gummie Mix- Ups, Butterflies, and Sour Stars. If you’re craving chocolate, we have that too! Try the Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, Dark Chocolate Blueberry Acai or any of the Stewart’s Candy Bars.

5. Car Cups

Car Cup Snacks

These convenient road snacks fit perfectly in your cup holder. Try our Sweet and Salty, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Mixed Nuts and more!



6. Stewart’s Refreshers

RefreshersStaying hydrated! Our Refreshers are the perfect way to quench your thirst and with flavors such as lemonade, cold brew coffee, and green tea; so many options!



7. Sandwiches

sub sandwichWe have your lunch covered with our cold deli sandwiches. There are also many hot food items such as chicken wraps and cheeseburgers that are 2 for $4.50 every day!  Many options are ready for you to grab quickly and get back on the road!



8. Healthy Snacks
Don’t forget to add a healthy serving of fruit to your day! We have yummy options such as apples, oranges, and bananas available in all our shops. We also have protein bars, salads, cheese sticks, yogurt, and hard boiled eggs.


9. Coffee! 
iced coffee and cold brewNeed an afternoon pick me up? Grab a hot or iced coffee served fresh all day. Not a coffee lover? Try our Impact energy drink available in regular and sugar-free.




10. Gas, Duh!

exterior of Stewart's gas station

You need to stock up on drinks, but your car is thirsty too. Don’t forget to gas up! We have non-ethanol gas for your boat too!

No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with all the wonderful road trip options Stewart’s Shops has to offer. With 345+ shop locations, We Are Closer to You!