Holiday Match Funds Already Being Put To Use

Horse being brushed

We are so excited to see the great programs Holiday Match checks support throughout the year.

The Wells Central School District received a Stewart’s Holiday Match donation.  They were able to purchase cross country skiing equipment.  The students put the gear to use immediately and were able to test it out before all the snow melted for the year. The school also used the funds to take students in the 3rd– 6th grades to the Lapland Ski Area to practice.

A few programs were able to purchase books that we distributed right away. The Capital Region Blues Network (CRBN) was able to purchase and donate books to every elementary and middle school music class in the Albany City School district. Stories for Success Saratoga received their Holiday Match check and purchased over 600 books! Saratoga Hospital received the books to help them promote their mission of expanding childhood literacy within Saratoga’s youth.

Our donation to the Michelle M. Adey Memorial Fund bolstered their fund used to ease the financial strain of families who have children with life-threatening illnesses. Families in these situation experience so many expenses, gas, tolls, parking, food lodging and co-pays, just to name a few. The fund has 100% of the donations go to the support of their mission.

Purpose Farms received their donation and was able to continue their youth mentoring sessions. The farm pairs youth ages 6-18 in life crisis with farm, exotic and domestic animals that have been rescued from similar circumstances.

It’s only been a few months and already so much good has been done with the donations. We are so excited to see all the great programs the funds will continue to support. Let us share with the community how Stewart’s Shops donations have helped your organization or event. Please send pictures to

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