Give To Make Change Campaign

Give tTo Make Change

Shelters of Saratoga has launched the Give to Make Change campaign. This new campaign is aimed at educating residents and visitors about area poverty and homelessness.

We are helping to support this cause by distributing coffee sleeves at all our 53 Saratoga County shops. The sleeves have the Give to Make Change messaging on it and more information on the initiative.

The campaign won’t just educate but will also provide critical financial support for solution-based services that help end the cycle of homelessness. Shelters of Saratoga does not just provide a place to stay. Through their outreach programs they assist with food and personal care, laundry, transportation, teach living skills and more.

A $15,000 donation was gifted to the campaign from an anonymous local business and inspired us at Stewart’s Shops to get involved. The hope is that by highlighting other’s generosity, more people will step up too.

All donations are appreciated, it does not take such a large sum to make a difference. The donation drop boxes are located throughout the downtown Saratoga area. The drop boxes encourage people to support Shelters of Saratoga services, rather than providing money directly to people on the streets.

In Saratoga County 33% of households struggle to make ends meet and it has only gotten worse with how the world is today. Shelters of Saratoga is working hard to end the homelessness issue in our community. Since 2004 they have sheltered over 3,600 people and shelter over 300 people a year.

We support organizations that combat homelessness across our entire market area. Strengthening and investing in our communities is very important to us. In 2022 we hope to invest $8 million to back into our communities.

To learn more about Shelters of Saratoga, you can scan the QR below or visit To learn more about our community giving click here.

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