Free ice cream scoop with OWL (ALL) your coffee cups this week!

get un-thirsty, night owl

Get excited because this week you can enjoy a free scoop of ice cream in your coffee! It’s a special drink that’s only available at Stewart’s Shops; we call it a Night Owl.

What is a Night Owl? It’s a delicious combination of ice cream and coffee only available at Stewart’s. This may seem like a simple concept but this blend of our locally made ice cream and specially brewed coffee packs a punch with intense flavor. A scoop of our sweet ice cream will take care of the additional cream and sugar needs.

Hot or Cold? The Night Owl is available in our cold brew, hot, and iced coffee. A great way to get the morning started is with a fresh hot cup of coffee and a cold scoop of ice cream. And what could possibly be better on a summer afternoon than an iced coffee with a frosty scoop of our delicious ice cream? The sweet taste and energy going into your body will have you swooping in for another Night Owl the next day.

Step 1) Get a scoop of your favorite Stewart’s ice cream in your coffee cup

Step 2) Fill with hot, iced, or cold brew coffee

Step 3) Enjoy….

Suggested Flavors

  • Mint Cookie Crumble – Punch it up with a cool minty flavor in your iced coffee. You can thank us later!
  • Colombian Coffee – A coffee lover’s dream! Coffee + Coffee= Happiness
  • Campfire S’moreo – Put summertime right into your cup!
  • Cookies ‘N Cream – Because cookies, cream, and coffee are the best kind of combo!
  • Vanilla – If you are more traditional or chocolate if you are a mocha drinker!

Make your coffee a Night Owl this week with a scoop of ice cream on us! Make your taste buds happy with this delicious combination! Available all day, sale ends 9/13/20. We promise you will be hooting for more.

What’s your flavor?