Stewart’s Honors Tiz the Law with His Own Ice Cream Flavor

Tiz the Law sign

Tiz the Law, Tiz the Flavor!

Tiz the Law is on a winning streak! He recently took the Traver’s Stakes in Saratoga after winning the Belmont Stakes and he’s headed to Kentucky to run in the Kentucky Derby! To celebrate our hometown hero, we’ve bestowed him with Stewart’s highest honor, a dedicated ice cream flavor.

This Limited Edition flavor has a chocolate ice cream base with baked brownie and cheesecake pieces. It is available in cones, shakes, sundaes, and hand packed pints at the cone counter. This flavor was chosen because the chocolate base resembles Tiz the Law’s coloring and his owner Jack Knowlton of Sackatoga Stable requested a chocolate flavor. You may remember the flavor, Funny Cide Pride from 17 years ago, it was a customer favorite.

Tiz the Law will be available all 337 Stewart’s Shops. Look for it at the cone counter on Monday, 8/31/20 through Sunday, 10/4/20.

Tiz the Flavor!

Ask for Tiz the Law at the cone counter at your Stewart’s Shop.