Firefighter training at the site of a future Stewart’s Shop

We are closer to you. Fire trucks outside a yellow house

A structure on the site of the future Schodack Stewart’s Shop provided a unique training experience for members of East Greenbush Fire District 3. The building, scheduled for demolition, gave firefighters an unfamiliar setting to conduct drills.

1st Assistant Chief, Gregory G. Forgea, wrote in about the opportunity provided by Stewart’s Shops.

“Most of our training occurs at our stations, where members know the layout and what is around each corner. Utilizing the structure exposed our members to a new location and hazards they must overcome.

Over the course of the eight training evolutions we had at your structure, we were able to put forty-five firefighters through an array of different situations. Our trainings consisted of firefighter survival, search, hose advancement, horizontal and vertical ventilation, FAST operations, overhaul, and VEIS. Most of these trainings would not have been able to happen without the use of the training structure.

On two nights, our Explorer post also attended and were able to watch, and then participate in our drills. Our Explorer post consists of members ranging in age from 14-17 who show interest in the fire service. These explorers work alongside our members to experience what it is like to become a firefighter. On one of the nights the explorers attended, they were able to enter the building, locate a simulated victim, and remove them from the structure. The “kids” talked about the drill for weeks saying it was the “best drill ever.”

The East Greenbush Fire District #3 would like to express words of gratitude for allowing us the opportunity to use the structure. Our members gained valuable hands-on experience that wouldn’t have been possible without your help.”

Stewart’s Shops is proud to have donated the use of the building to the East Greenbush Fire District #3 and extends gratitude to all firefighters for their service. Stewart’s Shops, We Are Closer To You.