More ways to “fuel up” at Stewart’s Shops

EVovle Ny Chargers

We are adding more Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations to help reduce range anxiety and to make your life easier!

Seven new EV sites were opened in 2021 and more will be coming in the new year. Our EV charging network includes both Tesla Super Chargers and EVolve NY charging stations

These chargers are powerful enough to provide a full charge to your electric vehicle in just 15 to 30 minutes. Stop in and enjoy one of our fresh, hot and prepared meals and then be on your way with a fully charged battery.

Our partnership with NYPA through their EVolve NY program has allowed us to add five fast charging locations in Castleton, Moreau, Clifton Park, Latham and Keene, New York. These strategic locations will help reduce range anxiety for EV drivers and give them convenient access to charge up!

EVolve New York’s chargers are available to all non-Tesla electric vehicles but don’t worry if your Tesla has an adapter, you can charge here too. We currently have five Tesla Super Chargers up and running in Malta, Hudson, Chestertown, Clinton Corners, and East Rutland.

As we continue to grow, our EV footprint will also grow in strategic locations. We plan to have more than 82 EV charging stations at 16 shops by the end of 2022.

Making Your Life Easier!