Congratulations on Your Retirement Mike Harran!

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After a successful 36 year career, Vice President of Operations, Mike Harran, is retiring. After graduating from Skidmore College in 1985, Mike Harran was hired to work in our marketing department. In 1987, Mike moved into shop operations for the next 5 years where he managed two locations in the Saratoga region.

In 1992, Mike was promoted to District Manager of the the North District for 5 years. In a move to be closer to home, Mike returned to shop management where he oversaw the new Jones Road location in Wilton, which was the largest volume shop in the company. In 2001, Mike moved back into a district manager role for the next 11 years, in both the Queensbury and Forts districts. In 2012, he was promoted to Senior District Manager where he oversaw as many as 6 districts in the company. Mike was appointed Vice President of Operations in 2018 capping off a brilliant career. Mike is well known for his tough love, candidness, passion for the business and helping his partners grow.

Even in retirement, his impact on the company will continue to be felt for years to come in the many lessons he has taught along the way. Congratulations on a great career Mike, and enjoy your well-deserved retirement!