Congratulations to the Stewart’s Moovers Club

The Moovers Club has been recognized for exhibiting outstanding leadership, selling and training skills.  Each Moover received a Stewart’s jacket and were also treated to lunch with President Gary Dake and Senior VP David Caruso. We congratulate the partners and thank them for their teamwork and ownership.

Ron Warner – Manager, Fulton Street (District 4)
Angie Lauder – Credit Union (Ridge)
Sarah Pannone – Asst. Mgr., E. Main St. (District 10)
Jaime Martinelli – Auditor (District 5)
John O’Reilly – Gas Maintenance (District 13)
Jeff Opalka – Route Jumper (Plant)
Michael White – Asst. Mgr., Rensselaer (District 12)
not pictured:
Jenn Drollette-Lottie – Manager, Pleasant St. (District 19)