Cheers To A New Shop In Great Bend!

Great Bend rebuild

Our newly rebuilt shop in Great Bend opened today, May 2nd right behind the old shop and has so much more to offer.

The opening of this shop has been a long time coming, and we are very excited for you to come in and check it out!

This shop has always been busy with its close proximity to Fort Drum and campground sites, and the new and expanded shop will make it easier to get supplies and food.

There will be more parking, a new food bar, more space for grocery and snack items, and expanded seating. The exterior will feature a sleeker, more modern look with stone siding.

As part of this rebuild, we are pleased to bring you additional gas pumps for a quicker and easier in and out. Gas will be up and running in mid-June.

This rebuild is part of our $50 million construction investment for 2023. This year will be busy with an estimated 7 rebuilds and 9 brand new-to-market Stewart’s Shops planned. This rebuild is part of our continuous commitment to invest in our communities and meet the growing needs of our customers, offering a wider variety of food, beverage options, more space and making your life easier!

Did you know? Great Bend is called a ‘hamlet’. A hamlet is a small settlement, generally one smaller than a town or village. Great Bend is known for its small town-charm.

Get ready for our grand opening on Friday, July 21st! More details to follow.

We are closer to you!

Take a look at the process of the rebuild below:

Great bend rebuild Great bend rebuild
Great bend rebuild Great bend rebuild