Stewart’s Story: Meet Amanda in the Stewart’s Kitchen!

meet amanda stewarts story from the kitchen

Meet Amanda, Stewart’s partner of 19 years! She works in the Stewart’s Kitchen at our manufacturing plant, preparing a wide variety of food we sell in our shops! From sandwiches and salads to yogurt parfaits and Now and Then meals. Amanda has been working in the kitchen for only a few years. Amanda got her start looking for a job offering health insurance, and when she pulled into a shop to get gas, there was a large HIRING sign promoting health insurance! From there she was an opener for the next 16 years. She really enjoyed the atmosphere in the shop, especially when they were able to decorate for special occasions and holidays. She said the customers enjoyed when they dressed up as well because it promoted a fun shop experience! After awhile Amanda noticed all the food coming out of the Stewart’s Kitchen and inquired about any openings. Her manager assisted in getting her a transfer to start a new position. What she enjoys is the wide variety of items they make, everyday is different. Amanda’s flexible schedule is also a plus. Working 4:30am – 1pm, she enjoys being home when her son gets home from school. In her short time, Amanda has moved up in her position and now enjoys teaching fellow partners. What started off as a job out of necessity has become a very successful and fun career!

Amanda_Kitchen_StewartsStory from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.