Stewart’s Ice Cream and Sherbet Earn Top Honors at the World Dairy Expo!

World Dairy Expo

You already know Stewart’s Shops offers some of the best dairy products around, but did you know they are some of the best in North America?

Stewart’s Shops won big this year at the 54th annual World Dairy Expo. There were over 1,400 entries for their Championship Dairy Product Contest.  This contest is the only all dairy contest offered in the country and receives entries from all over. This year, we earned a top three finish in 6 different categories and had two first place winners.

In the chocolate ice cream category Stewart’s Shops came in first! We officially have the best chocolate ice cream from Canada to Mexico. Chocolate wasn’t our only winner, our Mango Dragon Fruit Sherbet took home the title for best sherbet, no wonder we made it a full-time half gallon flavor! Mango Dragon Fruit debuted in 2020 and quickly became a customer favorite.

We also had multiple top three finishes at this year’s expo. Mint Cookie Crumble, Peanut Butter Pandemonium and Milk Chocolate Gelato had excellent showings, placing in the top three in their respective categories.

Stewart’s whole milk earned a second-place finish in the Open Class Pasteurized Milk division. After all, great milk is the key to great ice cream.

From our award-winning milk to our delicious ice cream, We MOO (Make Our Own) dairy products. Our processing plant is right in Saratoga Springs and uses milk from over 20 local farms. The milk we use goes from farm to shop in under 48 hours!