Forecast Looks Like Mowing Weather: Get Your Non-Ethanol Gasoline at Stewart’s

premium non-ethanol gasoline lawn mower

Non-Ethanol Gasoline, the Perfect Fuel Option for Smaller Engines

Service your smaller engines as they should be… with Premium Non-Ethanol Gasoline, offered at the majority of our shops! Non-Ethanol Gasoline has been approved to use in all of your outdoor power equipment and machinery, ranging from chainsaws to leaf blowers and chippers to mowers!

Trying to decide which fuel option would be best for your engine? Here are some key factors to help in your decision-making process:

• Because of the elements that make up non-ethanol gasoline, you burn less fuel and get better mileage
• Non-Ethanol gasoline has a higher energy content, which enables your engine to deliver more power when the energy is burned
• It is important to consider the size of your engine and if it uses carburation, such as boats, ATVs, older vehicles, motorcycles and outdoor power equipment
• Ethanol Gas is more likely to attract water, which can lead to rust on the inside of your engine and its parts

*Something to note: The majority of gas chains sell 90 Octane Non-Ethanol while Stewart’s sells 91 Octane PREMIUM Non-Ethanol. Our Premium version provides for optimum fuel efficiency, improved mileage performance and is less harsh on your smaller engines! Find a shop that sells 91 Octane PREMIUM Non-Ethanol and give the best possible fuel option to your engines in need.