Stewart’s Story: Meet Joanne at the Corporate Office!

Stewart's Story: Meet Joanne

Joanne is a prime example of a Stewart’s Partner who took control of her professional growth resulting in an incredibly successful 30-year career. Currently working with the Corporate Risk Management Team, Joanne started out as an Administrative Assistant at Stewart’s, planning to only work here as a side job to help pay for college. Joanne quickly learned that her role here was more than some extra income, it was a long-term career. Over time she moved to the marketing department, started doing consumer affairs and assisting with donations. Gaining all this experience from working in different departments, she found enjoyment assisting other partners and helping with their growth. She had planned to become a teacher and realized in her position; she teaches every day, assisting partners in the shops, our manufacturing plant and corporate office. 30 years is a very impressive career, but Joanne isn’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon, she’s having too much fun!