Top 10 Reasons Why Stewart’s Milk is The Best!

10. Practice Makes Perfect:

Stewart’s Shops started out as a dairy business owned by the Dake family. Stewart’s Shops president, Gary Dake, says, “My grandfather and his brother started this business as a dairy company over 100 years ago. We take great pride in the quality of our dairy products and providing fresh and local milk to our customers.”

9. Always Fresh and Local:

Our milk is sourced from 20 local family-run farms which directly supports our neighbors while bringing you the freshest milk possible. We like to visit the farms to ensure herd health and proper care of the animals. All our farmers pledge not to use rBST, an artificial growth hormone. Plus, Stewart’s Milk is New York State Certified, which means it comes from farms that meet specific food safety standards and demonstrate environmental stewardship.

8. We Care for the Milk from the Farm to the Shop:

A Stewart’s truck driver picks up the milk directly from the farm. From that moment, we personally tend to the milk all the way through processing, bottling, delivery, and storage at the shop. This control ensures you are getting fresh, great tasting milk from Stewart’s Shops. The milk goes from the farm to the shop in 48 hours or less.

7. Pasteurized not ultra-Pasteurized:

Yes, you can taste the difference! Stewart’s milk is minimally processed to preserve its natural goodness. What this means is that we pasteurize the milk to guarantee a safe product for you and your family, but we don’t ultra-pasteurize it. The Ultra-pasteurizing process heats the milk at extremely high temperatures, giving it a cooked taste. Stewart’s Milk comes from local farms and a local dairy plant. We code the milk in days not months. Fresh tastes better!

6. High Standards Equal High-Quality Milk:

Stewart’s Shops has certified milk inspectors on our team, to ensure the farm has high quality standards and assist when necessary. Once it is delivered to our dairy in Greenfield, NY, our certified receiving lab tests for quality, bacteria, and to ensure there are no antibiotics. After the milk is bottled and stored, it is tested again for flavor, weight, fat level, and the nutritional composition.

5. Premium Fat Free Milk:

The rumors are true; Stewart’s fat free milk tastes different than other fat free or skim products. Many people want to drink a fat free milk but don’t like the watered-down taste. We take the extra step to add fat free milk solids into the fat free milk to enhance the body and taste.

4. It’s All About Variety:

Some families use gallons of milk at a time and other households just need a quart. Stewart’s Shops offers a variety of milk flavors and packaging sizes. You can take home a gallon, half gallon, quart, or 16 oz Refresher of Stewart’s Milk. The white milks come in Whole, 2%, 1%, Fat-Free, and Lactose Free. You can also enjoy eggnog year-round, strawberry, cappuccino, chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate flavored milks. To keep it fresh, we have rotational flavors throughout the year. You can even top off your coffee with Stewart’s half and half, also available in unsweetened French Vanilla.

3. Low Fat Chocolate Milk as a Recovery Drink:

Stewart’s 1% Chocolate milk contains high-quality proteins and key electrolytes – this great tasting choice naturally has more essential nutrients than you’ll find in your typical sports drink. Stewart’s milk and chocolate milk are always Fresh and Local, pasteurized vs. ultra-pasteurized, making it a great choice for a post-workout drink because it keeps in all the beneficial nutrients.

2. Award Winning:

We can tell you that Stewart’s Milk is the best, but it helps when you hear it from other people. Stewart’s Shops was awarded the Best Milk in New York State by Cornell University’s Department of Food Science at the 2022 NYS Fair. Cornell University collected samples of Stewart’s dairy products and scored them on various criteria, including microbial analyses, fat determination, freezing point, and best flavor.

1. Stewart’s Milk Becomes Stewart’s Ice Cream:

What could be better than the BEST milk in New York State? Stewart’s ice cream made with the BEST milk in New York State! The quality and flavor of Stewart’s milk provide the perfect foundation for creating delicious, award-winning, ice cream.