The Holiday Match Check Presentations Continue!

Holiday Match Check Presentation with Children

We pride ourselves on being community-oriented in everything we do, and the Stewart’s Holiday Match Program is proof of our strong commitment to the communities we serve. From Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Day, our generous customers donated over $1.03M in loose change. And Stewart’s Shops matched our customer donations for a record-breaking $2.06M Holiday Match total–now that’s a true community partnership!

This record amount of funding collected has led to a record amount of checks in the mail to local children’s charities! Funding has now been allocated to 1,830 organizations across the communities where Stewart’s Shops are located.

We are now meeting up with some of these organizations to say hello and present them with their ‘BIG’ check!

A listing of the charities which received the Holiday Match grants is now available here.

There are no administrative costs with this program, meaning 100% of the funds collected and matched benefit these organizations.

The Stewart’s Holiday Match program has now allocated more than $26 million since the program’s inception in 1986. The success of the program is credited to Stewart’s customers for their generous contributions, dedicated shop partners who worked diligently to collect the funds, and to the media partners who helped spread the word. Thank you!!

Stewart’s Shops is committed to giving back to the community, donating approximately $2.5 million a year to local non-profits. The Dake family foundations contribute an equivalent amount.