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Stewart’s Shops is known for our fresh, high quality ice cream. Here’s a behind the scenes look at our ice cream plant and all the little details it takes to get our ice cream just right (like Goldilocks!).

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Ice Cream







GF = Gluten Free
adirondack bear paw ADIRONDACK BEAR PAW Vanilla ice cream with cashew toffee and a caramel swirl. icon-gallon
bananas-foster BANANAS FOSTER GELATO Creamy Banana-Pineapple Gelato with a Bananas Foster Swirl! Around for a limited time only! icon-pint
blackberrygelato BLACKBERRY GELATO gluten-free Creamy blackberry flavored gelato with a blackberry swirl. icon-pint
ice-cream-black-raspberry BLACK RASPBERRY gluten-free Fresh picked Black Raspberry flavored ice cream! icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-black-sweet-cherry BLACK SWEET CHERRY gluten-free Bursting with fresh-from-the orchard goodness, this flavor combines cherry flavored ice cream with succulent halves of black cherries. icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-blueberry-pancake BLUEBERRY PANCAKE Sea salt maple ice cream with a blueberry swirl. Now available at the ice cream counter for a limited time. icon-cone
blueberrypieinthesky BLUEBERRY PIE IN THE SKY Blueberry ice cream with Maine blueberry swirl & shortbread dough bites. This seasonal flavor was popular, we now offer it all year long in a pint! icon-pint
ice-cream-brewhaha BREW-HA-HAgluten-free Richer Roast coffee ice cream with espresso bean flavored chocolate flakes. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-brownie-cookie-sundae BROWNIE COOKIE SUNDAE Vanilla ice cream loaded with brownie and cookie dough pieces and a fudge swirl. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-butter-pecan BUTTER PECAN gluten-free Nuts about pecans? Our butter pecan flavored ice cream is sure to please your palate! Just the right amount of roasted pecans to delight your senses. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-campfire-smoreo CAMPFIRE S’MOREO Toasted marshmallow ice cream, chocolate cookie pieces, and a graham cracker swirl. Only around for a limited time! icon-cone
ice-cream-caramel-cone-crunch CARAMEL CONE CRUNCH Vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered sugar cone pieces, peanuts, and a caramel swirl. icon-pint
ice-cream-cherry-vanilla CHERRY VANILLA gluten-free Our pure vanilla ice cream is dotted with plentiful maraschino cherries. A classic! icon-gallon
ice-cream-chocolate CHOCOLATE gluten-free This fan favorite ranks as one of our two most popular flavors with Vanilla! icon-cone icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-campfire-smoreo CHOCOLATE CARAMEL TORNADO Chocolate sea salt caramel ice cream with a chocolate caramel swirl and chocolate-covered honeycomb pieces. Only around for a limited time! icon-cone
ice-cream-chocolate-chip CHOCOLATE CHIP gluten-free The perfect combination. Our smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream bursting with decadent bits of chocolate chips. icon-gallon
ice-cream-choc-chip-cookie-dough CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH American favorites…ice cream and chocolate chip cookies! A delectable combination of cookie dough flavored ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chips! icon-cone icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-chocolate-chunk CHOCOLATE CHUNK (No Sugar Added) Vanilla flavored ice cream with dark chocolate chunks. icon-pint
ice-cream-chocolate-marshmallow CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW gluten-free Rich chocolate ice cream with generous ribbons of marshmallow…smooth and creamy. icon-gallon
ice-cream-chocolate-pnut-bttr-cup CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP gluten-free Thick chunks and swirls of peanut butter in rich chocolate ice cream. One of our most popular flavors! icon-cone icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-chocolate-swirl CHOCOLATE SWIRL gluten-free The perfect combination. Creamy vanilla ice cream with generous swirls of chocolate sauce. Almost a sundae. icon-gallon
ice-cream-chocolate-trifecta CHOCOLATE TRIFECTA gluten-free Three great tasting chocolate ice creams together in one box! Chocolate, White, and Premium Dark Chocolate ice cream form Chocolate Trifecta (Dark Chocolate was voted the #1 Dark Chocolate ice cream in the World by the judges at the World Dairy Expo 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin!). How did we get three great flavors all in one box? We’ll never tell! icon-gallon
ice-cream-civility CIVILITY gluten-free Smooth, sweet vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel swirl… and no nuts! A limited edition flavor! icon-cone
ice-cream-colombian-coffee COLOMBIAN COFFEE gluten-free We’re known for our robust coffee, and the rich flavor comes through in our Colombian Coffee ice cream too! Coffee lovers will delight in savoring this flavor. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-cookies-n-cream-light COOKIES ’N CREAM Vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate cookie pieces. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-cotton-candy COTTON CANDY gluten-free It’s a carnival in your mouth! Cotton candy flavored ice cream sprinkled with multi-colored chocolate chips. Pure fun for kids of all ages. icon-cone icon-gallon
crazy-coconut CRAZY COCONUT Coconut flavored chocolate ice cream with a caramel coconut swirl and brownie pieces. icon-PINT
ice-cream-cream-n-coffee-fudge CREAM ‘N COFFEE FUDGE gluten-free Our robust coffee flavor comes through in our ice cream too. This one’s complemented by a rich chocolate fudge swirl. A favorite for decades! icon-gallon
ice-cream-crumbs-along-the-mohawk CRUMBS ALONG THE MOHAWK Graham cracker flavored ice cream with graham cracker pieces and a caramel swirl. icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-dark-chocolate DARK CHOCOLATE gluten-free Named the Best Tasting Dark Chocolate ice cream in the world at the World Dairy Expo (2010 and 2012) held in Madison, Wisconsin! icon-pint
ice-cream-death-by-chocolate DEATH BY CHOCOLATE gluten-free Can’t get enough chocolate? This flavor’s for you! Chocolate ice cream with chocolate almonds, chocolate truffles and chocolate flakes. icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-espresso-therapy ESPRESSO THERAPY gluten-free Back by popular demand! This enhanced coffee flavored ice cream is packed with chocolate covered almonds! icon-pint
ice-cream-fireworks FIREWORKS gluten-free Celebrate any day with a bang! Our Fireworks flavor combines creamy vanilla ice cream with a tart cherry swirl and red and blue pop-rocks that burst in your mouth! icon-cone
ice-cream-french-vanilla FRENCH VANILLA gluten-free Voted the #1 French Vanilla in the World by the judges at the World Dairy Expo 2010 in Madison, Wisconsin! Transport your taste buds. Savor the richest vanilla flavor with creamy egg custard. For the most discriminating vanilla connoisseur! icon-gallon
ice-cream-fudge-brownie-alamode FUDGE BROWNIE ALA MODE Like a brownie sundae in a box! Thick fudge swirls and chunks of fudge brownies tumble throughout our premium vanilla ice cream. icon-gallon
ice-cream-heavenly-hash HEAVENLY HASH gluten-free Sure to satisfy, this flavor combines chocolate ice cream with a marshmallow swirl, chocolate chips, and chocolate covered almonds. A flavor so delicious, it’s fit for an angel! icon-gallon
ice-cream-honey-grahams HONEY GRAHAMS Cereal milk flavored ice cream with a graham cracker swirl and honey flakes. Only around for a limited time! icon-cone
ice-cream-kaydeross-kreme-light KAYDEROSS KREME LIGHT gluten-free Tastes like a creamsicle with less than half the fat of regular ice cream, it’s vanilla light with a tangerine sherbet swirl. Named after the Kaydeross Creek, a local landmark in our hometown of Greenfield NY, this flavor made its debut for the town’s bicentennial. icon-gallon
ice-cream-mm-brownie M&M BROWNIE FUDGE LIGHT M&M chocolate candies in vanilla light ice cream –less than half the fat of regular ice cream! icon-gallon
ice-cream-maple-walnut MAPLE WALNUT gluten-free Tap into an old favorite. Our pure maple flavored ice cream is complemented by a generous dose of select walnuts. Make it a tradition! icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-milkchocolategelato MILK CHOCOLATE GELATO gluten-free Enjoy a taste of Italy with our creamy milk chocolate gelato. icon-gallon
ice-cream-mint-chip MINT CHIP gluten-free Enjoy this perennial favorite… mint flavored ice cream loaded with bits of chocolate chips. Cool, minty – pure enjoyment. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-mint-chip MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP LIGHT gluten-free Same great Mint Chip taste with less than half the fat of regular Mint Chip! icon-gallon
ice-cream-mint-cookie-crumble MINT COOKIE CRUMBLE How does your cookie crumble? At Stewart’s, it crumbles in a deliciously fun way. Wait until your taste buds have found this mint ice cream with chocolate cookie crumble fudge swirl! We won’t be surprised if you crumble to your knees with delight! icon-cone icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-campfire-smoreo MOUNDS OF COCONUT Coconut flavored ice cream with a coconut swirl and old-fashioned fudge pieces. Only around for a limited time! icon-cone
ice-cream-mousse-trail MOUSSE TRAIL Chocolate mousse flavored ice cream with a cookie crumb swirl. icon-pint
ice-cream-orange-sure-bet ORANGE SHERBET gluten-free Dive in and enjoy the tangy fresh-from-the grove taste of our orange sherbet. icon-pint
ice-cream-pb-pandemonium PEANUT BUTTER PANDEMONIUM gluten-free Vanilla ice cream loaded with peanut butter cups, peanut butter, and fudge swirls makes this our top selling half gallon. It tastes so good, it will put your taste buds in a frenzy! Peanut butter cups manufactured in a facility that processes wheat products. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-phillys-apple-pie PHILLY’S APPLE PIEThis limited edition flavor has returned to our ice cream counter for fall! Enjoy the delicious combination of Philly Vanilla ice cream with apple pieces, a cinnamon crème swirl, and shortbread pieces. icon-cone
ice-cream-philly-vanilla PHILLY VANILLA gluten-freeNamed after Philly Dake, the inventor of our famous Make Your Own Sundae, Philly Vanilla is pure vanilla ice cream speckled with crushed vanilla beans. Vanilla lovers delight! icon-pint icon-gallon
ice-cream-caramel-cone-crunch PISTACHIO GELATO gluten-free Creamy pistachio flavored gelato with pistachio pieces. icon-pint
pumpkin pie PUMPKIN PIE Pumpkin Pie ice cream is the perfect way to celebrate fall and we have brought it back to our ice cream counter for another season. It’s pumpkin flavored ice cream with graham cracker pie crust pieces. icon-cone
ice-cream-rainbow-sherbet RAINBOW SHERBET gluten-free A rainbow of fresh, fruity flavors orange, lemon and raspberry sherbet. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-raspberry-amaretto-cheesecake RASPBERRY AMARETTO CHEESECAKE Delicious cheesecake flavored ice cream with swirls of raspberry and amaretto. Only around for a limited time! icon-cone
ice-cream-raspberry-fudge-torte RASPBERRY FUDGE TORTE FROZEN YOGURT gluten-free Vanilla frozen yogurt with fudge pieces and a red raspberry swirl. icon-cone icon-pint icon-gallon
saltycaramelgelato SALTY CARAMEL GELATO gluten-free Creamy salty caramel gelato with a salty caramel swirl. Voted the #1 Gelato at the 2015 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin! icon-gallon
ice-cream-star-gazer-light STAR GAZER Malt flavored ice cream with a caramel swirl and pieces of Milky Way® candy bars. The taste is out of this world! icon-gallon
strawberry STRAWBERRY gluten-free It’s the berries! Our mouthwatering strawberry flavored ice cream is full of strawberry pieces. You can’t pick ‘em any better! icon-cone
ice-cream-strawberries-and-cream STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM gluten-free New! A delicious sweet cream flavored ice cream with real strawberry pieces. icon-gallon
TiltASwirl TILT-A-SWIRL Yellow cake flavored ice cream with pink candy flakes and a purple cotton candy swirl. This flavor is gradually rolling out to our shops, so check yours for availability! icon-cone
ice-cream-vanilla VANILLA gluten-free Good old vanilla needs no description. The original American favorite, and Stewart’s does it justice. icon-cone icon-gallon
ice-cream-vanilla-light VANILLA LIGHT gluten-free Less than 1/2 the fat of regular vanilla and 14% fewer calories. icon-gallon
ice-cream-vanilla-chocolate VANILLA CHOCOLATE gluten-free Two classic flavors side by side: pure creamy vanilla and rich chocolate. Can’t make up your mind? Have a little of each. icon-gallon
ice-cream-vanilla-chocolate-strawberry VANILLA CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY gluten-free Did you ever wonder how you get 3 flavors in one box? This classic combination of creamy vanilla, rich chocolate and our berry best strawberry is filled simultaneously from our separate ice cream freezers. icon-gallon