Who Won the Saratoga County Fair Ice Cream Eating Contest?

Kidd eating ice cream

How fast can you finish a pint of Stewart’s Ice Cream? Several people tested their ice cream eating skills on Friday, July 21st at the Saratoga County Fair.

This is a contest that we do annually and Two Buttons Deep emceed the event while we provide the local ice cream…obviously!

So, who ate a pint of Stewart’s Ice Cream the fastest?

In the children’s contest, our reigning champion from last year once again emerged victorious, as Hayden impressively chugged his pint in a 1 minute, 5 seconds!

And for the adults, Tiffany took the title finishing in just 34 seconds!!

All the winners took home a year’s worth of ice cream!

2023 Saratoga Fair Pint Ice Cream eating contest from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.

Details of the Contest:

When: July 21st at 6pm

Where: The Saratoga County Fair inside the Townley Building

We will be doing sign ups starting at 4pm and the contest starts at 6pm. We will be selecting 12 names per age category.

The two age categories are as follows: kids 12 and under for one contest, and people 13 and older for the other. Please know that you MUST be present at 6pm to take part in the contest if you signed up earlier.

This contest will be timed, and you will be given a pint of ice cream to finish as fast as you can! Did you know? The winner of each contest will receive 26 half gallon ice cream certificates!


  1. The lid must remain on the pint until we say “go” (Parents, you can help your little ones of course!)
  2. We will keep the timer running until the first person finishes their pint.
  3. To win, the pint must be completely empty.
  4. You must show your empty pint to one of our judges to take the win.

It’s Flavor Time!