A Stewart’s Shop Hosts Tesla Superchargers That Can Be Used by Both Tesla and Non-Tesla Vehicles

A Stewart’s Shop Hosts Tesla Superchargers That Can Be Used by Both Tesla and Non-Tesla Vehicles Located Just South of Saratoga

Did you know? One of our shops is now equipped with Tesla Superchargers that can be used by both Tesla and Non-Tesla vehicles, one of the first of its kind!

This newly installed Supercharger can be found at the Stewart’s Shop, located at 2951 State Hwy 9, Ballston Spa, NY, right off Exit 13N of Interstate 87. There are only a few locations in the United States where you can access this charger. This Supercharger is open to Tesla vehicles and non-Tesla vehicles with CCS compatibility. This shop is equipped with 8 Superchargers that are available 24/7 and charge up to 250kW.

a Tesla electric vehicle charging station.


Chad Kiesow, Senior VP of Facilities at Stewart’s Shops stated, “Stewart’s is proud to support our EV customers by working with Tesla to bring these chargers to our location in the Town of Malta. Now not only Tesla but, any EV owner can stop by to refuel the car and themselves. Twenty to thirty minutes at a Supercharger brings the car back to a full charge while the driver has an opportunity to enjoy a hot meal, or a cold ice cream treat in the shop.”


Stewart’s Shops currently has 11 locations equipped with electric vehicle charging stations, 6 of them being Tesla Superchargers and 5 with NY EVolve stations. All Stewart’s EV chargers are Level 3 Direct Current Fast Chargers or DCFCs. These types of chargers take about 20-30 minutes to reach full battery and the cost to charge depends on a variety of factors.

Stewart’s EV projects, like this one, is a way to facilitate this gradual energy shift. Stewart’s Shops is focused not only on environmental sustainability but also economic sustainability. All Stewart’s EV charging stations, Tesla and NY EVolve, are placed in strategic locations that make sense in their respective market areas to reduce range anxiety and boost daily convenience.

plant rooftop solar panelsAs a leading energy provider in New York State, we have many sustainable efforts in place. In addition to EV chargers, Stewart’s uses thousands of solar panels to offset electricity used at their manufacturing plant as well as the energy of more than 50 shops! These solar panels offset electricity used on hot summer days when ice cream production is at peak demand. To see the efficiency of the Stewart’s solar panels located at the plant in real time visit Stewart’s Live Solar Data.

To learn more about Stewart’s Shops and their environmental efforts visit stewartsshops.com/eco-responsibility.

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