These Stewart’s Ice Cream Flavors are the BEST, literally!

Did you hear the MOOs? Several Stewart’s ice cream flavors took home a blue ribbon this year, earning top honors at both the New York State Fair and the World Dairy Expo!

We’ve been in the ice cream business for over 100 years, and with that experience comes some delicious ice cream. We MOO (Make Our Own) ice cream, using quality ingredients like our award winning milk.  Our dedicated Ice Cream Team takes time to craft the perfect flavors filled with just the right amount of air, swirls, fruit, nuts, and candies that our customers (and the judges) love!

But which fan favorite flavors took home first place this year? Here’s the scoop!

Mango Dragon Fruit Sherbet:

This two-time champion took home first place in the Open Class Sherbet category at the 2023 World Dairy Expo! Featuring smooth swirls of Dragon Fruit and Mango, it’s a refreshing twist on sherbet that’s bursting with flavor.

Mango Dragon Fruit was originally introduced as a limited edition option, but our customers loved it so much we had to keep it around as a permanent half gallon. One customer said,

Death by Chocolate:

If there was ever a way to go…

Stewart’s Death by Chocolate is the perfect flavor for chocolate lovers, which is why it took home first place in it’s category at this year’s World Dairy Expo! Pick up a prepackaged pint or half gallon of this decadent chocolate ice cream with chocolate almonds, chocolate truffles, and chocolate flakes.


Mint Cookie Crumble:

This Stewart’s classic has been a fan favorite for years! A unique take on the classic mint and chocolate combination, this flavor takes it up a notch with it’s cool mint ice cream and chocolate cookie crumble fudge swirl! Mint Cookie Crumble took home first place in the Open Class ice cream category at this year’s New York State Fair, beating out ALL other flavors of ice cream, not including vanilla or chocolate. Don’t believe it’s that delicious? Don’t just take our word for it:


Nothing beats a good classic, like our Chocolate ice cream! This flavor, a former World Dairy Expo champion, took home first place in the Chocolate Ice Cream category at the New York State Fair this year. Many of our customers grew up on Stewart’s Chocolate ice cream; just a spoonful can bring back fond memories:


Whether you prefer chocolate ice cream, mint, or a refreshing sherbet, there’s an award winning flavor for everyone. Click here to find out how you can enjoy these flavors, whether they’re in a half gallon, prepackaged pint, or at the cone counter!

What’s Your Flavor?