The Remodel of the East Malone Stewart’s Shop

Stewart's Shop under construction. Two large machines and a few cones in the parking lot

Hey, that’s almost Canada!

The East Malone Stewart’s Shop #340 located in Franklin County, only 30 miles from the Canadian border, is being remodeled. Not much will change on the exterior of the building as most of the work is inside and underground. When completed this shop will provide better food service and a new beer cave.

About the Town!

Situated on the main drag in town, the corner of Route 11 and Willow Street, this shop caters to the grab ‘n go customer on their way to the local high school or employees heading to the correctional facilities. The main industry in Malone is corrections which includes The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, Bare Hill (medium security) and Upstate Correctional Facilities (maximum security). Also, there are some medical offices in the area and a car dealership whose employees frequent the shop for a quick lunch rather than going to the West side of town which is busier and has more offerings. The shop added more booth space to cater to this crowd.

Small addition – big impact!

All the big changes were made possible by a small 8-foot addition. The backroom storage will now be located on the side of the shop, allowing the interior floor plan to expand.

side shot a stewart's shop getting an addition
The 8′ addition is made to the side of the building
beams of an addition to a stewart's shop with roof
This will be storage and supplies
inside of the addition at a sho
Inside the addition before the sheetrock is added
New freezer showing out side of building
The new freezer to hold all the delicious ice cream

All hands on deck!

The shop remained open during all the work with the exception of the gas pumps. With More Than 100 Ways to Get Un-Thirsty, those beverages need to go somewhere while the new cooler was being built. Everything was moved to a refrigerated truck parked in the lot. When a customer asked for a certain item, anyone from the facility crew, district manager, marketing team member, or the partners would run out to the truck to grab the product. Now that’s teamwork! The partners at the shop have reportedly weathered the storm like champs. A good attitude can go a long way.

Inside a cooler being built. 5 men working
The Stew Crew, electrical, and HVAC teams in the new cooler
Stewart's cooler truck parked in the lot with a ramp
The refrigerated truck
newly updated cooler filled with product
The finished coolers stocked with products and a new beer cave

We act vs. react when it comes to the environment!

Stewart’s puts a tremendous investment into our high standards for petroleum storage equipment and its maintenance. While the double-walled steel tanks were still perfectly intact, we used this remodel to make a preemptive upgrade to the storage system. To protect our shared natural resources, our new systems utilize the latest in double-walled Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tank design, system-wide secondary containment, 24/7 electronic monitoring, leak detection, overfill protection, spill prevention, and remote alarm reporting. This shop will now offer the Premium Non-Ethanol gas for your small engines.

dirt piled around old gas tanks in the ground
Uncovering the old steel double-walled tanks
Heavy construction equipment and three men working to lay steel beams
Creating space for larger FRP tanks
Picture of newly installed gas tanks in east malone
The new modern tanks and pumps in the ground
parking lot with gas island in view
The finished product with a new gas canopy.

Time to Celebrate!

Come see the new shop and enjoy great deals on August 30th for the Thank Goodness It’s Finished Celebration! We’re not new to East Malone, but we’re hoping to attract some new customers with our great offerings like 99 cent hot coffee, single scoop cones, and Make Your Own Hot Dogs. Tell your friends about all the changes.

Showing the Love!

Stewart’s Shops has shown our love over the past 5 years, by helping to support nearly 350 events for non-profit organizations in the Malone area. These donations total more than $87,500 and include product, gift certificates, and monetary contributions. We support organizations that focus on a number of categories, including kids and recreation, the arts, education, health, civic organizations, and social services.