The new limited-edition ice cream flavors are here!

It's Flavor time. ice cream scoops over a blue sky

It’s Flavor Time at Stewart’s Shops, the 2020 limited edition flavors are here! When you’re stopping in to stock up and fuel up, we invite you to do yourself a flavor. Without further ado, here are your limited edition flavors now available at the ice cream counter…

Mocha Caramel Crunch, Sweet caramel ice cream with a mocha swirl, praline almonds, and milk chocolate cone pieces. This ice cream is loaded with flavor and crunch.

A popular vacation location is now your new summertime flavor! Bake Placid Cheesecake, chocolate ice cream loaded with chewy pieces of baked brownies and decadent cheesecake.

A bright fruity flavor, Lemon Raspberry Swirl, is lemon flavored ice cream with a raspberry swirl.

Cold Brew Cookie Dough has your favorite coffee flavor, three ways! Cold brew flavored ice cream with coffee cookie dough pieces and cold brew flakes.

It’s Back! Mango Dragon Fruit Sherbet, the perfect blend of Mango Sherbet with a swirl of Dragon Fruit Sherbet. This flavor was a hit last summer. Here’s a delicious tip, try it in a Sherbet Cooler.

Another flavor back by popular demand, Campfire S’moreo. It’s a summertime favorite with toasted marshmallow flavored ice cream with a graham cracker swirl and Oreo® pieces.

These limited-edition flavors are available at the ice cream counter. Don’t forget to use your Scoop Club Card and earn free ice cream all year long. Check out all of our creative flavors here.

We welcome you to the ice cream counter and would like to remind you to please wear a mask while inside the shop. For the safety and comfort of all our customers, we thank you for not congregating and keeping a minimum of six feet between yourself and other customers.


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