The Flavors of the Week Promotion is Back!

Flavor the cow holding heavenly hash ice cream. Its Flavor Time

It’s Flavor Time at Stewart’s Shops!

The Flavors of the Week promotion is back as of 5/18/20, just in time for Memorial Day. Each week we will feature three half-gallon flavors on sale for only $3.39! The Flavor of the Week promotion is a family tradition, everyone watching for their favorite flavor to be on sale. Plus, now is the perfect time to stock your freezer with the all-American comfort food. It is a great grab-and-go item to bring home to enjoy! We are excited to be able to once again offer the savings to our customers. Do you know why Stewart’s Ice Cream is so delicious?

We MOO (Make Our Own) For You!

That’s right, we pick up milk from local family dairy farms and turn it into your favorite flavors of ice cream at the Stewart’s Manufacturing and Distribution Plant in Greenfield, NY.

Stewart’s Ice Cream is only sold in our shops which means we control it all the way to you, too. There is no middleman, we keep your ice cream in the most ideal conditions from the moment we pick up the milk on the farm all the way to the delivery of ice cream at your shop. Other brands can get abused during delivery if the temperature is not just right.

The Flavors of the Week promotions means savings of up to $1.50 per half-gallon. Already a great value because at Stewart’s Shops, you get a full half-gallon of ice cream. Many other brands at the supermarket use cheater packs, these are actually smaller packages that look like a half gallon.

What’s Your Flavor?

Stewart’s ice cream comes in a variety of delicious flavors with creative combinations to keep things interesting. Explore dozens of delicious flavors here.


five half gallons of Stewarts ice cream lined up. Flavors will vary each week.