Stewart’s Shops was the Official Gas & Ice Cream Stop of Americade

Americade 2023

That’s right! Stewart’s Shops was the official gas and ice cream stop of Americade 2023. We were happy to sponsor this event that took place from May 30th to June 4th.

Americade is the world’s largest multiband motorcycle touring rally and convention. Each year an estimated 100,000-200,000 visitors are in Lake George for the week-long event. The motorcycling festival includes many activities for participants. They can enjoy guided tours of the Adirondack Park and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Bikers can also check out stunt shows, comedy shows, have a dinner boat cruise and more.

The event creates lifelong friendships, a massive boost to the local economy and provides donations to local charities. Americade partners with several non-profit organizations like Ride for Kids, the Wounded Warrior Project, and numerous other local and regional charities. Did you know? This event has helped raise over $600,000!

Stewart's Shops/Americade banner with a Stewart's Partner in the backgroundWith plenty of shops scattered throughout the Adirondack National Park, being the official stop makes sense. Bikers can swing into a Stewart’s Shop and fuel their tanks and their bodies with delicious food to go and award-winning ice cream. Our shops have seating areas too so bikers can sit down and relax before getting back on the road. Across the 6-million-acre park we are the most convenient stop for gas and ice cream but also essential items like fresh bread and milk.

This year, we scooped ice cream for bikers on Americade’s Scenic Ride for Kids Charity Ride! Riders got the opportunity to combine riding with doing good. This 100-mile ride was fun, scenic and raised over $10,000 for charities centered around helping kids with cancer!

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