Stewart’s Shops Gave $50,000 to the VCHC for the Foreverly House Project

VCHC Check Presentation at Ground Breaking

Stewart’s Shops gave a $50,000 grant to the Veterans & Community Housing Coalition (VCHC) to support the Foreverly House Project. Once completed, this will be the only facility in New York that houses homeless veteran women and their children. This is an incredibly impactful housing facility that will help many struggling veteran mothers transform their lives and their children’s lives.

The Foreverly House will be a two-family house. It will offer the convenience of two separate living spaces under one roof. Each living space will have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pantry, a laundry room, a kitchen, and a dining room. The duplex layout will include separate entrances, ensuring privacy for each unit. The four bedrooms on each side offer flexibility and room for growth, accommodating the needs of families looking for comfortable living arrangements.

“Through the last 40 years Veterans & Community Housing Coalition has developed a continuum of housing opportunities and support services for our homeless veterans. Foreverly will serve an unmet target population of homeless veteran moms and their children. This program will be the first of its kind in the state.” said Cheryl Hage-Perez, an Executive Board Liaison, focusing on the development of the Foreverly House Project.

VCHC operates two other very successful transitional housing programs both located in Ballston Spa, NY. One is The Vet House which serves 14 homeless male veterans at a time. The other is The Guardian House which is the only female veteran house in New York State and one of only seven in the United States! The Foreverly House will be built on the same property as the Guardian House. VCHC provides case management and support services to help the veterans living in these homes develop skills, secure employment, and transition them to independent living.

There is a substantial number of veteran mothers in need of the support the Foreverly House will provide. Many veteran moms returning from service often must choose between giving up custody of their children to receive the support services they need or forego this help to stay with their children. The goal is to keep these families together and give them an opportunity to live a happy and productive life in their community.

Susan Dake, President of Stewart’s Foundation commented, “Stewart’s Shops is committed to giving back to all our shops’ communities. By supporting the Foreverly House Project, we can play a role in creating a stronger and more inclusive community that honors the sacrifice and service of our veterans.”

VCHC broke ground on this project June 27th, 2023 and the house is expected to be completed in November 2023.

This is a completely grassroots funded project, so any contribution is greatly appreciated. To learn more about The Foreverly House and what you can do to help please visit

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