Stewart’s Shares: Stewart’s Shops/Dake Family Gives $100,000 to Saratoga Arts for Renovation Project

Saratoga Arts Front View of Building Title

Stewart’s Shops/Dake Family proudly supports Saratoga Arts and their upcoming capital project to renovate the facility.

Saratoga Arts is a community art center located on Broadway in Downtown Saratoga in the corner of Congress Park. The center has been supporting this community by making art and art classes accessible to everyone since 1986. The center offers arts education through its art gallery and performance space for film, music, theatre, and much more.

Saratoga Arts Original Building Saratoga Arts painted image of building

Saratoga Arts is working with the city of Saratoga Springs in a collaborative renovation project.  Approximately $2 million will go towards the city’s HVAC systems, roofing, drainage, and more. About $800,000 of these funds will go towards several Saratoga Arts projects.

The Main Gallery spaces will be undergoing complete renovation. They plan on opening the large cathedral ceiling and installing all new energy efficient lighting. They are also going to build entry ways and windows that will create a dynamic, world class exhibition and make room for event space easily accessible from Broadway.

Funds will also go towards theatre renovations and technology system upgrades. Saratoga Arts is planning on creating a multifunctional black box facility with new lighting, a sound booth, professional film projector and sound as well as seating for 125 people! This facility will also have new energy efficient windows that enable a better ventilation system that allows musical performance sounds to pour out into the park.

Saratoga Arts will be replacing the back window structure in one of the art class rooms. This new window structure will overlook Congress Park and the Carousel Façade. The redesign will include a patio as well. This outdoor space will be used for art classes and events! They will also add in storefront glass windows and doors for park access.

Louise Kerr, Executive Director of Saratoga Arts, told us the goal of this project is to, “create and update existing classrooms and makerspaces to enhance the accessibility for our Arts and Culture community. These will include an environmentally friendly community print shop, artist studio spaces, voice and music studios for rehearsals, recording, teaching and more. There are many other smaller enhancements that will bring the community center up to date like a new door access system that will allow direct booking via an online calendar and can be used to book blocks of time in different areas.”

Stewart’s Shops has donated $100,000 to Saratoga Arts for this incredible project!

We believe the arts are a great investment in the community. This community art center will bring people of all ages together to learn and create in new and exciting ways!

Stewart’s Shops, Supporting Our Communities

Saratoga Arts Building front view