Stewart’s Shares: Holiday Match

Holiday Match Update

At Stewart’s Shops, We Are a Sharing Company.

We share in so many ways but our hallmark giving is our Holiday Match Program. Holiday Match is special because customers donate their change and as a company, we match it. Together we invest back into our communities.

The 2022 Holiday Match Program was one of the most successful one to date. This year’s donations meant even more because of how tough the last few years have been. Due to the pandemic, non-profits had even more to do with even less money. We were so excited to have such a great Holiday Match season this year to help.

HFM Prevention

HFM received support for their children’s reading programs. Their mission is to increase the health and wellness in Hamilton, Fulton, and Montgomery Counties. Through education, recovery support, supportive housing, and community outreach, they prevent and reduce addiction.  They use evidence and science-based programs to work toward success. By working with students from elementary school all the way through the end of high school they provide a valuable community service. The Council collaborates with schools, community agencies, law enforcement, businesses, and civic organizations to provide high quality programs which educate our youth about healthy choices and healthy lifestyles. Our donations will go directly to the purchase of books to give students at the end of the programs.

Samaritan Medical Center

Another recipient of Holiday Match funds was Samaritan Medical Center. Their funds will directly go to supporting counseling sessions at their counseling center.  Over the past few years there has been an increase in demand for services while prices have continued to climb.  Due to increasing costs, clients have been unable to afford services even with health insurance. The pandemic increased anxiety and stress for family members and made coping with those stressors even more challenging. For the first time in the center’s history, they had to start a waitlist for services.  The funds will support training and hiring for more therapist and help provide care for everyone who seeks it.


Vanderheyden works to empower local youth, adults, and families to build brighter futures for all. At Vanderheyden, caring professionals work to provide individuals with the skills to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. They encourage people to engage in experiences that lead to personal growth and to live healthy and productive lives. The pandemic put a struggle on the organization and has been very challenging. To having to provide hazard pay to their employees, buying and providing cleaning supplies and safety gear, Vanderheyden put safety at the forefront. The $5,5000 of funding from Holiday Match will help them continue provide their priceless services to community members.