Saratoga Hospital, Saratoga, NY- Holiday Match Highlight

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For 34 years, Saratoga Hospital and Stewart’s Shops have had a great relationship. Our latest donation to the hospital was through last year’s Holiday Match Program. The Holiday Match funds went toward their new “Comfort Cart”.

The Comfort Cart is specifically used for admitted pediatric behavioral health patients. Kids can be waiting to transfer to an inpatient facility hours or even days without their parents. The new comfort cart helps to make this wait a little easier. The cart is stocked with fidget toys, coloring sheets, books, puzzles and more.

The pandemic created even longer waiting periods for pediatric behavioral health services. The long wait times and being alone are hard for kids that are in an already tough situation. The cart provides them with something that can take their mind off things and make them feel safe.

See how the Comfort Cart has helped so many kids in the video below!

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