Make Your Own Scholarship Deadline 2/25

Make Your Own Scholarship Program

This year, the MYO (Make Your Own Scholarship) program is proud to celebrate 20 years of helping students achieve their college dream. The MYO Scholarship Program provides the children and spouses of Stewart’s employees with financial aid for college.

Founded by Philly Dake in 1999, she believed in the power of higher education and making it accessible to those wanting to pursue it. The MYO scholarship program has benefitted 442 students offering nearly $5 million in financial assistance.

The program has made college and career dreams come true and has lessened the financial burden on many families. We’ve seen the program help to shape scientists, musicians, performers, accountants, artists, business professionals, doctors, professors, and many other career paths.

Philly Dake chose the phrase “Make Your Own” to emphasize that although these funds provide an opportunity, true learning only occurs when students apply themselves and discover the keys to make their own education.

Special thanks to Philly Dake for having the foresight to create this remarkable program and to Joan Maxam for her tireless hours and dedication to make higher education possible for so many students for the last 20 years.

The MYO Scholarship is another great benefit that Stewart’s offers. We encourage all eligible dependents and spouses of Stewart’s employees to apply for the MYO Scholarship. The application deadline is Feb 25th.