Maalwyck Park – Holiday Match Spotlight

Maalwyck Park image

We are proud to highlight some of last year’s Holiday Match recipients. Next up is, Maalwyck Park.

The town of Glenville opened an inclusive playground last year at Maalwyck Park. The playground is the first of its kind in the community.

The park has options for anyone of any ability to come hangout, play and have fun. Inclusive equipment like the new swings, merry go round, slides and more, make it possible for the entire community to utilize the park.

There are not many parks like this in the area and it is a great resource for not only the town of Glenville, but the surrounding areas as well.

See the highlights of the park’s grand opening below and learn more about how your Holiday Match donations have helped your communities!

Supporting Our Communities.

Apply for Holiday Match
Applications for Holiday Match opened on Thanksgiving day. Non-profit 501c3 organizations are able to apply for funds starting Thanksgiving Day through January 31st. Applications are reviewed, and allocations are made in March. Applications can be found here.

About Holiday Match
This program started 36 years ago to specifically benefit organizations/programs for kids under the age of 18 in the areas of social services, health, education, recreations, and the arts.

To date, with the help of our customers, we have raised over $34 million for local children’s charities. We collect donations in our shops from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Day. We match our customers’ donations dollar for dollar, with no administrative fees. In 2021, together we raised $2 million.

Your Donation Goes Further
Unlike most charitable programs, the Holiday Match has zero administrative fees. The program only accepts cash donations which eliminates credit card processing fees; and 100% of the donations are allocated for children’s charity groups. Also unlike other charities, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR is matched, which means your donations are actually doubled. And personal checks are accepted.

Thank You
Without the generosity of our customers, the Stewart’s Holiday Match Program wouldn’t be possible, we humbly thank you for your support!

Thank you to all of our media partners for helping to spread the Holiday Match message.