Love is in the Air at Stewart’s Shops

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It’s the season of love.  At Stewart’s Shops, there’s a lot to love. Customers love our Stewart’s brand products, our Partners, and the friendly shop atmosphere. Don’t believe us? Check out what some customers had to say.

“The staff is uniformly welcoming, lovely, and helpful. The quality of your Stewart’s products is terrific, and never disappointing.” – Peter R.

“I love Stewart’s coffee and breakfast sandwiches on my way to work.”- Sandra M.

“I really love your flavored coffee grounds more than any other type of coffee. I always stop by Stewart’s instead of Tim Hortons or Dunkin Donuts if I need coffee. You have really outdone yourselves with the Maple French Toast Coffee this year!” – Kristin C.

“I love the Partners at the shop and can’t say enough good things about them.” –  Kim J.

We’ve even had some customers find love at our shops. Check out this story from Dan in Kingston.

“In 2017, I started dating a friend I had known for close to 10 years at that point. When I asked her to be my girlfriend, I did so by going to her job while she was on break and bringing her a dish of your cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. As we were eating the ice cream, I put my arm around her and said, “let’s do this,” and from that point on, we were a couple.

Fast forward 4 years and hundreds of scoops of ice cream later, I had decided to propose to her while we were on a vacation. But the day I received the ring in the mail, I stopped at the Lucas Ave. Stewart’s to get gas, and I got the idea “what if I proposed today with ice cream like when we started dating?” So, I went in, grabbed her a dish of your cookie dough ice cream (I forgot the sprinkles!), and went home with it. As we were eating, I asked her what I brought her when we started dating, and she told me the exact dish from 2017. Right after, I proposed, and she said yes! When I pulled out the ring box, she initially thought it was going to be full of rainbow sprinkles!

I just wanted to write to let you know and thank you for being a part of two of the most important moments of our lives! Your cookie dough ice cream is a favorite in our household!

Thank you again!”

We are feeling the love at Stewart’s Shops and our nice customers make even nicer Partners.

Don’t forget to stop in with your Valentine on Monday, February 14th for a 50¢ ice cream cone.

We Are Closer to You.