Let’s bring back Civility two ice cream cones at a time!

Stewart's wants to start 2024 with respect in a happier, friendlier, more respectful direction with buy one, get one free ice cream cones. Picture of civility ice cream cone.

Stewart’s Shops wants to start 2024 in a happier, friendlier and more respectful direction by introducing buy one, get one free Civility ice cream cones.

In a world of extremes and uncertainty, Stewart’s believes a scoop of Civility ice cream can bring people together. One of life’s sweetest treats is that nice people make people nicer!

Stewart’s brought back the limited-edition creamy vanilla Civility ice cream with its salty caramel swirl and absolutely “no nuts” to encourage everyone to take a moment to enjoy the sweeter things in life. Civility ice cream is a great opportunity to share a scoop or a cone with an old friend or maybe even the customer who just entered the shop in front of you.

Stewart’s is running a special buy one, get one free single-scoop Civility ice cream cone that can be shared with anyone. The special runs Jan. 22 through Feb. 4.

“We brought back Civility ice cream as a reminder that we may think differently but we can still respect each other and maybe even share an extra scoop or a smile,” said Stewart’s Shops president Gary Dake.

Stewart’s Shops, we bring people together.