Let Stewart’s Be Your One Stop Shop for The Big Game

charcuterie board in the shape of a football.

Do you have everything you need for the Big Game on Sunday? From drinks and snacks to full pizzas, Stewart’s has got you covered!

There are more than 100 ways to get un-thirsty at Stewart’s Shops.

A line of Stewart's Refreshers. Did you know? All Stewart’s Refreshers are made fresh and local at our plant in Upstate New York! Our Refreshers are NEVER put in a warm climate, they’re always stored and shipped at cold temperatures. Also, they’re coded in days not months unlike our competitors because we know fresh tastes best. Stock up on a variety of 20oz Refreshers or half gallons. Chose from flavors like Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Tea and so much more!

We also have Beer Caves at many of our shops where you can find domestic, imported and craft beers! Don’t forget to stock up on 2-Liter sodas, we carry the Stewart’s brand as well as popular brands like Coke and Pepsi.

Make a Char-STEW-terie Board!

Your local Stewart’s Shop has everything you need to make the perfect Charcuterie Board, or as we like to call it, a Char-STEW-terie Board. We’ve got everything for this delicious tray, from a variety of chip flavors, Sub Sandwiches, Crackers, Cheese, Dip, and of course, Pepperoni!

Join the MOO Club and Save

When you text MOO for the first time to 59925, you will receive a FREE single scoop cone coupon in addition to specials and promotions! Available until 2/25/24 we’re offering these coupons that are perfect for The Big Game: BOGO Celsius®, BOGO Gatorlyte®, $2 Off on a bag of Tostitos®, and $2 Off a jar of Tostitos® Salsa.

Stewart’s Shops is Your Restaurant.

From 2/5/24 to 2/11/24 we’re having a BIG pizza sale: All cheese pizzas are only $8.99! Available at select shops only.

We carry a variety of hot, food to go options. Bring home a few of our Now & Then entrees. Chose from Mac & Cheese, Penne Marinara, or our #1 bestselling Chicken Alfredo!

Are you a Stewart’s Meatball fan? Now you can take home a bag of frozen Stewart’s Meatballs, located in our freezer section.

Stewart's Cheese Pizza Now And Then Photo Bag of Meatballs

Let us make your life easier so your only worry is if your team is going to win!

We Are Closer to You.