Introducing the New Spicy Chicken Wafflewich

Indulge in the new spicy chicken and waffles sandwich. It's perfect for easy dinners on the go, lunch or a snack. Picture of the Spicy Chicken Wafflewich.

Introducing our latest culinary creation: the Spicy Chicken Wafflewich! Get ready to indulge in the perfect harmony of savory and sweet, with a kick of spice that’ll leave you craving more.

first sandwich is the spicy chicken wafflewich. second sandwich is our crispy chicken sandwich. third sandwich is a spicy chicken sandwich.


If you enjoy our other chicken options like the Spicy & Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, then you’ll love this delicious Stewart’s addition. Our spicy chicken patty meets maple-infused waffles, creating a symphony of heat and sweet that’s hard to beat!


Priced at $4.99, the Spicy Chicken Wafflewich is a budget-friendly option for all. Whether you’re powering through a long shift or wrapping up a day of classes, this grab-and-go hot sandwich is the perfect way to refuel.

caption reads, "Stewart's Shops Spicy Chicken Wafflewich. Available in all Shops. banners of red and white checkers. spicy chicken wafflewich featured on bottom right hand corner.


This iconic pairing of chicken and waffles, which originated as a Southern staple, is now within your reach. The Spicy Chicken Wafflewich label also stands out in our warmers with its classic red and white basket logo for a taste of Southern comfort right in your backyard.


Head to your local Stewart’s Shop and try the Spicy Chicken Wafflewich today!

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