Upside Down Pint Storage Keeps your Ice Cream Fresher for Longer

upside down pint storage, it's flavor time

Keeping your ice cream fresher for longer just got easier. While we think the best way to eat a pint of ice cream is all at once, we do want to be realistic! If you like to savor every bit of your pint, there’s a trick to making the flavors fresher for longer.

Once you’re ready to store your Stewart’s pint in the freezer until its next consumption time, store it upside down and as far back as possible! According to, freezer burn when It’s Flavor Time is avoidable! “Freezer burn is caused by water in your melty dessert evaporating and then refreezing on the ice cream’s surface— this is what causes those unpleasant ice crystals to form.” This helps to avoid those unpleasant crystals forming on the top of your ice cream. So instead, any ice crystals that form will be on the lid!

Another tip is to store the ice cream as far back in the freezer as possible. By storing your pints in the back of the freezer the temperature is more consistent and will prevent melting and refreezing.

Now, you can enjoy all of our creative pint flavors for longer!

upside down Stewart's pints in freezer