How Stewart’s is Protecting Our Partners & Customers

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Our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our customers and Partners during this difficult time. We continue to follow all NY and VT regulations and laws, as well as CDC, recommended guidelines.

Here’s how we’re working hard to keep our Partners and customers safe:

Partners: In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.16, all businesses are required to provide a cloth or surgical face mask to employees who work directly with the public. All employees are required to wear face coverings when in direct contact with members of the public.

Customers: In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.17, any individual over the age of 2 and is medically able, shall be required to cover their face with a mask or cloth face covering.

*Anyone not wearing a mask/cloth face covering will be denied admittance as per the NYS Department of Health Emergency Regulation effective on 7/9/20. 

More information on masks:

For customers who are medically unable to tolerate a mask/face covering, we are following Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and will make accommodations for you.

For customers who wish to use our booths, we have reopened some of our shop booths in alignment with Phase 3 of the state reopening guidelines. If the booth is being used to consume food or beverage, masks are not required to be worn. Customers must wear their masks in the booth if they are not actively consuming food or beverage while sitting and must put their masks back on as soon as they leave the booth. In order to implement this policy safely, we have limited booth use to 30 minutes and have ensured all booths are six feet apart or separated by plexiglass.

For customers purchasing privileged items such as alcohol, tobacco, or lottery, please know that our Partners may have to ask you to take a step back from the counter and lower your mask for a short moment when asking for ID. This is to protect both our customers and our Partners from making an incorrect sale, as we must verify that the purchaser matches the photo on the ID presented.

We supply all of our shops with gloves for food preparation. Hands must be washed before gloves are applied.

As a precaution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have installed plexiglass barriers that will separate customers from cashiers at each register. We have also installed plexiglass between booths in some shops.

All shops are offering hand sanitizer for customer use.

Our Partners are required to consistently wash their hands. They are routinely sanitizing food prep and customer area surfaces. Pin pads, door handles, coffee pot handles and high touch areas are being sanitized regularly by Partners and district staff maintenance teams.

Stickers have been placed on the floors to encourage social distancing and encourage customers to keep a six-foot distance between one another.

We do not allow congregating in our shops and have signs posted to enforce customer social distancing. Our partners are doing their best to limit shop traffic and enforce 6 ft. distancing between customers and our seating areas have limited seating, some with plexiglass in between booths.

Our self-serve crocks with hot food items and Make Your Own Hot Dog programs are available. If you prefer, our Partners will get your selections for you. Our coffee program has been adapted to meet the needs of our customers. We offer a full-service coffee program in addition to our self-serve coffee program. Upon request, our Partners will pour your coffee and make it the way you like with sugar and cream. This service excludes refillable mugs. Our self-serve coffee station will remain open.

Thank you to our Partners in the shops for their hard work and dedication during this time. We are happy to report that all shop Partners have received bonus pay to show our gratitude. As a team, they are providing essential food and fuel services during the COVID-19 crisis.

We thank our customers for their loyal patronage and our Partners for their dedication as we navigate through these uncertain times. It is our responsibility and our honor to remain open as an essential business. We will continue to provide essentials including gas and groceries during this time and remember – we are all in this together.