Fuel Up With Stewart’s Shops- Non Ethanol Gas

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Fuel Up with Stewart’s Shops.

Over 270 of our locations carry premium non-ethanol gas. This gas is the best option for winter equipment like snowblowers and snowmobiles.

Why use premium non-ethanol? It is less corrosive and will help keep your smaller engines firing better, for longer. This gas improves your gas mileage, uses less fossil fuels, and has a higher energy content, which means more power for your engine.

Premium non-ethanol gas is the safer option for classic cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and lawn equipment, not just your winter gear.

Besides premium non-ethanol, we offer a variety of ways to fuel up. We have gas and diesel at many of our locations. We offer more than 82 EV charging stations at 16 different shops. When you stop in to fuel up your vehicles don’t forget to fuel yourself up with our coffee, grab and go snacks and hot food to go.

We Make Your Life Easier.