From Farm to Fridge: Stewart’s Shines Spotlight on Andland Farms to Celebrate National Milk Day

Discover how Andland Farms, a Stewart's milk supplier uses techniques like robotic farming in honor of National Milk Day.

There’s Rosey and Jupiter and Sapphire and Tickles.

These cows are part of Andland Farms in White Creek, the newest milk supplier for Stewart’s Shops.

The 650-acre dairy, nestled in a Washington County valley, is the home of fourth-generation farmers Jay and Terry Andrew, who started producing milk for Stewart’s in the fall of 2022.

Jay and Terry Andrew and their herd of Holstein cows are among 20 local family farms whose quality, fresh milk helped Stewart’s Shops dairy plant earn 1st place for Best Milk, Best Flavored Milk and Best Chocolate Ice Cream at the New York State Fair.

Stewart’s is highlighting Andland Farms and the family behind it in honor of Jan. 11th, National Milk Day.

Much like the Dake family has built a legacy at Stewart’s, the Andrew family has been growing, evolving and diversifying their White Creek farm for decades. The Andland Farm property has been part of the Andrew family since Jay Andrew’s grandfather purchased the land at the end of World War II.

The family has a sense of pride when they talk about everything from the history of the farm to the family’s decision to build a new barn and purchase robotic milking machines.

“To survive, you have to be a jack of all trades,” Jay Andrew said. “It is a lifestyle. But it is great seeing kids learning to be responsible at a young age.”

Andland Farms has created a niche and remained successful at a time when a growing number of their friends have left farming.

“Switching to robotic farming a few years ago had a huge impact on us and increased productivity,” Jay Andrew said. “Knowing that Stewart’s has the best milk in the state only makes you feel like working harder.”

Not only has robotic farming increased productivity and led the Andrew family to a relationship with Stewart’s, it also has helped carve out a path for future generations.

One of the keys to Stewart’s winning the Best Milk designation ties back to how fresh it is. Stewart’s milk makes it from suppliers like Andland Farms to the dairy plant and into Stewart’s Shop coolers in less than 48 hours.

“When you buy Stewart’s milk and eggs, you are supporting local farms, you are helping us stay in business and it all helps the local economy,” Terry Andrew said.

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Click on the video to learn more about Jay and Terry Andrew and Andland Farms.

Andland Farm 2023 Awards from Stewart’s Shops Corp on Vimeo.