Head to Stewart’s Shops for the Best Eggnog Around!

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Every season is Eggnog season at Stewart’s Shops!

Our eggnog is so good because it is the real thing, and it is fresh. We make our eggnog with our award winning, fresh, and local milk. Our eggnog is pasteurized not ultra-pasteurized which keeps that great fresh flavor.

Ultra- pasteurized may sound better because adding “ultra” in front of a word makes it seem special somehow. When it comes to nutrition and taste, ultra-pasteurized leads to less flavor, less nutritional value, and a lower quality product.

Dairy products that are ultra-pasteurized have a longer shelf life but lack flavor. Companies that ultra-pasteurize their products need the extended shelf life because of how long it takes their dairy products to get from farm to fridge. Not us, Stewart’s milk and eggnog ship fresh to our shops within forty-eight hours or less. This is part of our vertical integration and is something that makes us who we are.

Stop by and grab a Stewart’s Eggnog from the cooler today. Enjoy it by itself, added to coffee or in your favorite, classic holiday drink. Don’t forget, our eggnog is available all year round if you ever get a craving!

It’s Flavor Time!