Did You Know? We Have Everything You Need

You know us for our food to go selection, gas and award-winning ice cream and milk, but we have so much more. With more than 3,000 items in each shop, we are bound to have what you need.

Kids enjoy our toy selection; from bubbles, glowsticks, bouncy balls and other toys.  For adults, our shops carry corkscrews just in case you forget yours! Our shops in New York don’t carry wine but in Vermont you can get your favorite bottle of red and a corkscrew to open it, all in one stop. Don’t forget to grab the cheese and crackers too. We carry blocks of cheese and a wide variety of crackers and even apples and nuts for your own charcuterie board.

We have your personal hygiene needs covered. Everything you need to get ready for your day is in our aisles. We have shampoo, conditioner, and bars of soap for your shower. We carry toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash, too. You’ll find a variety of deodorants, we have combs, we even have nail clippers to make sure you are looking your very best.

There’s so much to a Stewart’s Shop than you realize. We can be your one stop shop for so many little things. There’s no sense in walking around forever looking for the pet supply aisle at bigger store; our shops have your pet needs covered too. We have kitty litter and cat food, dog treats and a variety of dog food options. You’ll even find dog ice cream in our freezers.

Did you know we have a sewing kit you can buy? This little kit will come in handy in a pinch for a quick fix. We also have a few types of laundry detergent for when its laundry day.

You know about our great food to go options but there’s so many more options! We have canned fruits like pears and pineapples, we carry maraschino cherries, condensed milk, fluff, strawberry and grape jelly, there are so many items you probably didn’t even know we carried.

We also have batteries of all different sizes, flashlights, liquid plumber clog fixer, and ponchos for the rain.

At Stewart’s Shops, we are so much more than a convenient store. Our customer, Andrew B. of Clifton Park said it best, “If you can’t find it at Stewart’s, you don’t need it.”

Making Your Life Easier