Coffee With A Cop

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Coffee with a Cop is an opportunity for residents to meet with their local neighborhood police at a safe community spot. It provides an opportunity for residents to have open conversations with their local police department about any concerns they may have or just talk about their day and make a new friend. The program gives people the chance to connect with  officers and see them for more than just their job.

Since We Are Your Coffee Shop, Stewart’s Shops is naturally the perfect meeting spot for Coffee with a Cop. This is a program that we are proud to partner with, not just on National Coffee with a Cop Day, but throughout the entire year. We hold Coffee with a Cop events at our shops all year. Residents are always grateful for the opportunity to talk with local law enforcement.

“It is refreshing, especially in today’s world, ” said Stewart’s customer Aniel M, “when I was growing up, it didn’t seem like this would be a thing.”

Members of local police departments have been participating in the program this year more than ever before.

“This is a great way to improve community relations. We patrol these areas every day though rarely get the chance to create relationships with those we serve. Events like these, display our sheer dedication to the people,” said Officer Courtney Wallach of the Rotterdam Police Department.

Sgt. Nick M. from Schenectady Police Department said, “To have conversations, to just let members of the community get to know us, its huge, it just makes sense.”

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