Coffee With A Cop Day!

Cops and Customers talking while drinking coffee

Wednesday, October 5th was National Coffee with a Cop Day!

Coffee with a Cop is an opportunity for residents to meet with their local neighborhood police at a safe community spot. It provides an opportunity for residents to have open conversations with their local police department about any concerns they may have or just talk about their day and make a new friend. The program gives people the chance to connect with  officers and see them for more than just their job.

At Stewart’s Shops, We Are Your Coffee Shop, and we support our communities. That is why this program is such a natural fit between us and the police departments.  The police departments, the community members and us all want our communities to thrive and be the best they can be. Customers and officers can come together in our shops to collaborate on idea for the greater good of the community and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Bringing communities together is important to us. This program is just another way that We Are Closer to You.

On Wednesday, October 5th, we hosted four (4) Coffee with a Cop events throughout Albany from 9am-11am.

  1. 470 Delaware Ave, Albany
  2. 1050 Western Ave, Albany
  3. 204 Henry Johnson BLVD, Albany
  4. 542 Central Ave, Albany

Coffee With A Cop_Delaware Ave.mp4 from Stewart's Shops Corp on Vimeo.

Check out these pictures from Coffee With a Cop that was held in Albany this past week!

Cop Getting interviewed

Cop Speaking with Civilian

Cop Speaking with Civilian

Cop Speaking with Civilians

Cop Speaking with Civilian

Cop Being Interviewed