Cheers to Your Health & a Cup of Coffee

It's FLavor Time! Coffee cups

Next time you frequent the nearest Stewart’s for your favorite cup of their delicious, customizable coffee, you can do so knowing there are some benefits.

For many worldwide, coffee appears to be an integral component of the daily routine and its popularity is on the rise. Considering coffee’s bold (medium and blonde) presence today, it is necessary to weigh the impact to our health. Beyond caffeine content and the boost of energy that comes with it, what exactly does a classic cup of joe offer?

Along with caffeine, this widely treasured beverage contains an impressive dose of antioxidants, offering anti-inflammatory benefits. Current research suggests that moderate intake is associated with lower risk for:

• Cardiovascular disease
• Metabolic syndrome
• Type 2 diabetes
• Parkinson’s disease
• Certain cancer
• Chronic liver disease
• All-cause mortality

When considering how much coffee is acceptable, what exactly constitutes moderate intake? According to the 2015 – 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 3-5 8oz cups, or a maximum of 400mg caffeine/day, is an appropriate guideline for most healthy adults. Caffeine intake should be further limited for those who are pregnant/breastfeeding, have uncontrolled blood pressure and other indicated medical conditions.

Coffee in its good ol’ classic black form provides all of the benefits listed above. What about the vast array of fancy specialty beverages, which often contain more sugary fluff than actual coffee? From a nutrition standpoint, limiting the extra syrup, whipped cream and caramel pour goes a long way. However, if you are someone who enjoys additions to your daily cup of joe, as many do, a drizzle of honey, sprinkle of cinnamon or splash of milk, which provides protein, calcium and vitamin D, are all excellent choices.

Taking all things into consideration, this is great, evidence-based news for you coffee connoisseurs out there! With Stewart’s offering an array of delicious brews and endless options to suit any taste preference, you can easily enjoy this guilt-free pleasure today. Grab a mug, make your own and cheers to Stewart’s heart-warming coffee goodness.

Mary is a Registered Dietitian with a background in food service who currently owns the private practice EIM Nutrition. Mary believes that all foods can within the moderation mentality and loves teaching clients how to rediscover the joy in eating.

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