Blanket Drive in Saratoga!

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During this Valentine’s Day season, we can warm one another by donating a blanket!

On Saturday, February 12th, Youth2 will be holding the first “Bundles of Blankets” drive of the year. The drive will be 12pm-2pm at 112 Spring Street, Saratoga Springs, NY.

All blankets are welcome, new, use, wool, fleece, acrylic, quilts, any blanket will do! This event will supply blankets to those in need during the year’s coldest time.  Blankets will be distributed to local organizations such as Wellspring, BEST(Backstretch), and Franklin Community Center. All the organizations are committed to helping those in need in the Saratoga area.

Stop by the drive this Valentine’s Day season, give a blanket and warm a heart.

Youth2 – Youth Helping Youth is an organization based in Saratoga. The organization bring kids and adults together to help make a brighter future in their community and beyond. Youth2 is committed to giving back to the community and giving support to help children turn their unique community service project ideas into realities.

Youth2 PopUP events are amazing and creative ways to help our community. They engage young children in helping the community. Young people can learn and understand the importance of helping their neighborhoods be better places one small step at a time.

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