Another Way to Charge Up at Stewart’s Shops: NYPA Fast EV Chargers are here!

Electric Vehicle Chargers at Stewarts Shops

We’ve partnered with EVolve NY to offer EV charging for all vehicles. The first EVolve Fast Charger is located at our shop in Castleton, NY.

The fast charger is powerful enough to get a driver nearly 400 miles of  “fuel” in only 20 minutes.  You’ll have just enough time to stop into a Stewart’s Shop, enjoy a snack, coffee or one of our food-to-go options and then be back on your way.

Our partnership with EVolve New York and NYPA will give us four more charging stations by the end of 2021 with chargers in Moreau, Clifton Park, Latham and Keene, New York opening in 2021. These strategic locations will help reduce range anxiety for EV drivers and give them convenient access to charge up!

We plan to have more than 82 EV charging stations at 16 shops by the end of 2022. This includes our Tesla Super Chargers. We currently have three Tesla Super Chargers up and running in Chestertown, Clinton Corners, and East Rutland with plans to expand the program by three more by 2022.

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, the need for EV chargers grows as well. Also, we are in negotiations with ChargePoint to expand our EV footprint in the North Country in 2022.

We are committed to growing our EV charging network in strategic locations across New York and Vermont.

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