Another Successful Stewart’s Pint Sale in the Books!

Two kids eating Stewart's ice cream with a pyramid of pints in between them.

Last week we wrapped up our pre-packaged pint sale, and it was one for the record books. In just 7 days our customers took home 128,844 pints. Holy cow that’s a lot of ice cream, and lots of happy people!

Ice cream is always a fun experience, and the pint sale was a blast for our shop Partners. Many shops decorated for the occasion, and some even had competitions with other local stores to see who would come out on top.

Shop Manager Jason dressed as a cowboy, and Flavor the Cow holding a Pint Sale sign    Shop Partners dressed for St. Patrick's Day, advertising the Pint Sale.    A young girl dressed as a Stewart's Partner, holding a Pine Sale Final Day sign

     Shop decorations saying "465's Pint Sale is Out of this WORLD" with a rocket ship

Our Partners weren’t the only ones having a good time during the pint sale, though. Our customers also had tons of fun and were able to stock up on enough pints to last them a good while, and they had plenty of flavors to choose from! The most popular flavors during this sale were Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mint Cookie Crumble, and Philly Vanilla. What’s your flavor?

Customer purchased several pints of ice cream.    A young boy holding a pint, purchasing a bag full of ice cream.   Teacher purchasing a box full of pints

A classroom of students, all holding Stewart's ice cream pints

If you weren’t able to snag a pre-packaged pint during the sale, or if you’re just an ice cream fanatic, don’t worry! We’ve got another exciting sale coming up soon, and this time our Hand Packed Pints are on deck. Stop into your local shop from March 15th– March 21st and grab a Hand Packed Pint for just $2.49 at the cone counter.

Not sure which flavor to get for your Hand Packed Pint? Check out your options by visiting our Flavors page, and selecting the “cone” icon at the top.