Stewart’s Single Scoops for Bike Safety!

Stewart's Shops at the Safe Summer Bike Program

After a yearlong break, the Safe Summer Bike Helmet Safety Program is back! Senator Tedisco and Stewart’s Shops are excited to announce that the program will be up and running this summer for its 23rd year. The program kicked off on Tuesday, July 20th at the Clifton Park YMCA.

Kids have the chance to earn themselves a free Stewart’s single scoop ice cream cone this summer if they are spotted riding their bike with a helmet on. Kids will be given a “good ticket” to reward them for being safe while having fun. Officers in 23 different participating police departments across the Capital Region will be passing out the “tickets”  all summer. The single scoop coupons are redeemable at any of our shop locations!

With the pandemic in full swing last year, the program was not able to run, but with things starting to return to normal, weather getting nicer and kids out of school for the summer it is a great time to bring it back.

Another great part of this program is that if a child needs a helmet, they can get a helmet from any of the participating police stations.  Biking, scootering, rollerblading and skateboarding with friends are all classic summer pastimes for kids and so is eating delicious ice cream. It is important that during the summer kids have fun, but it is important that they do so safely. When wearing a helmet, the risk of injuries is reduced by 85 percent.

In New York State, it is a law that children under 14 need to wear a helmet while doing these activities.  By using the positive reinforcement of a free ice cream cone, kids build a good habit of wearing a helmet while out riding. For kids, many of their early experiences with law enforcement can be negative, but this program promotes positive interactions with children and law enforcement.

We want kids out and enjoying summer and doing so safely. What better way to enjoy summer than a Stewart’s ice cream cone and bike riding?!